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released September 1, 2016

Music by Lore. Recorded by Bob Quirk and Mike Tony at Ground Up RVA. Mastered by Will at Dead Air.



all rights reserved


LORE Richmond, Virginia

Black metal from Richmond, Virginia.

Drums: Stu
Bass: Sean
Guitar/vocals: Zack

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Track Name: Dome of Stars
The starlight now asunder,
and the earth, his flesh,
and the sea, his blood.
The sky is broken.

Stark and real are those burial mounds,
cairns of lichen and bone.
Ash grows
through the rubble of our names.

In the likeness of beauty
we find solace in the emptiness.
Our fate-threads hanging down
but we cannot ever find them.

The Norns do not weep
for those gleeful or suffering.
Fate goes as she shall
beneath the dome of stars.
Track Name: Idol of Atrocity
Prayers spoken to the air
on pillars of isolation
life gathers around fires

Priests light a torch of water
and all of those in desperation
warm their hands
in the atrocity.

A stool in the cosmos,
there it sits.
Extinguished sun-gaze,
the idol above red smoke.

Alone in the cosmos,
there it sits.
Extinguished sun-gaze,
the idol above red smoke.

Without purpose
or beauty.
Track Name: Shadows in the Shapes of Gods
In these ancient woods
I am a moment,
a blink of an eye,
a thought vagrant.

Their shade casts through
a thousand lives of man.

Decadence and sorrow,
arrogance and extinction.

Their blood, running thick,
running slow, over our feeble hands.

When they die, they die for years
in silence and decay.

Shadows in the shapes of gods.
Track Name: Evergreen Sphere
Rain is falling
against my brow.
The earth is crawling
out from under me.

She asks me,
"Do the eyes glimmer
on the ones you've loved
in the light of your pyre now?"